My Story

My Story: One day changed everything

My name is Christopher and I would like to share my story with you. When I finished high school I always had the feeling that I wanted to do better than just average and find an exciting career where I could make ideas come true. I started a corporate study program with a big Fortune Global 500 company. I soon had to realize that the job market and big corporations were not as open-minded and driven as a young individual. It was really hard to raise your voice and to stand up for yourself. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you also think that you could do better in your career? I would like to share with you what has turned my career around unbelievably.

And you may not believe it first but it is absolutely true: It was presentation- and communication skills.

In the first year of my corporate study program I joined the sales management department that handled the branch network of the company. I worked on interesting tasks and projects but the problem was that I always felt inferior and not respected enough by employees who worked there for 15-30 Years. I took the initiative to ask whether I could give a presentation in the monthly meeting of the sales department which was accepted after some requests of mine. Why did I do that and asked for a presentation slot in the meeting? I believe that I just wanted to be respected a little more and I felt I was capable of more in my career.

On the day of the presentation I listened to the other presenters first and then it was my turn. At that time I just turned 19 and most of the other employees were more than 10-30 Years older than me. Of course I was nervous when I started my presentation. But I was determined to bring in more enthusiasm into the clouded mood of the room and I wanted to speak up. And that was one key to make this presentation successful: I knew my purpose.

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I will be your presentation coach

Hi, my name is Christopher. I am a creative person and am passionate about working with PowerPoint. I have a Bachelor Degree in International Business and have gained working experience in marketing, procurement and sales management of multinational organizations. PowerPoint and presenting have been crucial elements of my work. Over the Years I have enhanced my skills to a high standard. I have learned how to communicate data effectively and how to design Top-Class presentations. I enjoy working on creative and exciting processes and projects. With the PowerPoint Master, I would like to share my experience with you, help you getting skilled with PowerPoint and hope that together we can make a difference and CREATE GREAT PRESENTATIONS!


My Mission

“Transform your professional life with presentation and communication skills”

Benefits of the Course


The PowerPoint Master covers all the important functions of Microsoft PowerPoint and explains them to you step-by-step. The course is designed for Beginners and Advanced users who want to become proficient in PowerPoint

Workflow-based learning

The course is very practical and contains the creation process of who full presentations in and covers all the contents based on the practical applicability. We want to ensure that you not only learn theory, but much more importantly improve your skills in practice

Productivity & Efficiency

Time is money! Creating a presentation can take a long time. Well, think again: The course will present you useful steps that will make a good looking, structured, thoughtful presentation in less time. We help you to increase efficiency and to work smarter

Broader in scope

Designing a presentation is much more than just designing good-looking slides. We will look at the background knowledge and the things that make a difference in presenting. It`s all about knowing the purpose of your presentation and connecting to your audience.

Benefits of the PowerPoint Master Course

Grow yourself and build your professional skills
Add a great job qualification to your resume
Impress your boss
Find your perfect job
Excel in your career
Become a master persuader
Have a lasting impression on your audience
Become less stressed in your job
Use PowerPoint for marketing and advertisement
Achieve higher grades with great presentations in college or university

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The Contents of the Course

The PowerPoint Master is an educational training course with video lectures. The course is structured into 4 Modules + 1 Bonus Module and covers everything you need to know to become proficient in PowerPoint. From the foundation knowledge like formatting, layout and textwork to the slide master, slide show set-up and presentation skills: This course takes your hand and guides you through the skill set that you need in order to succeed and to CREATE GREAT PRESENTATIONS

Module 1 – Getting started with Powerpoint

This Chapter gives you an overview about the course and provides with some basic understanding of PowerPoint, its interface and the work with slides. This will be the kickstart fro your journey to success in presenting.

Module 2 – The Basics of PowerPoint

The second Module is more comprehensive and covers all the foundation knowledge. This module is essential to gain a solid skill set for working in PowerPoint. This modules makes sure that you have all the skills to not get lost with PowerPoint.

Module 3 – Customizing your presentation

Module 3 is giving you an understanding of more specialized functions and their applicability in real prcatice. This will anything from Videos, Audios, Diagrams, Tables, etc. A special emphasis is on learning the workflow.

Module 4 – Creating a great presentation

In this module it goes more into the creative elements of presenting. Module 4 contains the full creation process of persuasive slide show. Furthermore we cover presentation skills and presentation delivery.

Course Features of the PowerPoint Master Course

6 hours of video content
More than 35 video lectures High quality videos Quizzes on learning progress in each module
Anytime lifetime access to the course
PowerPoint design templates included
Engagement in the course through comments sections

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